Does regular soap also have bad chemicals in it, similar to shampoo?



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    The brief answer to your question is yes, most soaps and detergents (and shampoos) you buy at your neighborhood drugstore are polluting for both your body and your groundwater. The best way to overcome this is to check the label on any soap or detergent you purchase (and also on every household cleaner and anything else that might go down your drain or enter your body), and see whether or not it says “biodegradable.” Popular biodegradable brands include Jason or 365 (soaps and shampoos), Aubrey (skin care), Green Works (household cleaners), and Seventh Generation (laundry detergent), but there are many others! Just check the label for the word “biodegradable,” and also “paraben free.” Organic and natural food stores are the best places to find these products, but they’re becoming more popular at larger corporate stores.

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