Does regular dirt or sand heat up faster?



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    It actually all depends on the makeup and properties of the substance under equal exposure to the sun. Usually sands are more reflective than dirts and have a higher albedo effect. Materials with high albedo tend to reflect more of the radiated energy rather than absorb it as heat. So a darker substance will take in energy faster. However, another variable in question would be amount of moisture contained in the substance. If it contains more moisture, it will take longer for the energy to heat it up, but it also will retain this thermal energy for a much longer time than the dry substance.

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    i would think sand conducts more heat than soil.  Because sand is a broken down, simple version of glass, and glass conducts heat pretty well.  there have been several times i can’t walk on sand because it’s too hot…but I haven’t experienced that with before with dirt.  Maybe it’s because i don’t often walk on dirt…. but my opinion still stands.

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    I’m fairly certain regular dirt, because it is naturally darker and absorbs more light. However, I think the sand is more conductive, and loses its heat faster. Kind of like how you can walk on 2000 degree coals but not on a 300 degree sheet of iron.

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