Does red meat have iron in it?



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    Yes.  Red meat is rich in iron and protein.  Iron fortifies the blood, and about 200mg of iron per pint of blood is required to produce hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to the cells.

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    Yes it does.  Red meat is an excellent source of iron.  It also contains zinc and phosphorus as well as vitamins such as niacin and B12. 

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    Yes, red meat does have iron in it, specifically, heme iron, which, according to, is the easiest type of iron for your body to use. Red meat, usually defined as beef, pork, or lamb is also considered to be one of the richest sources of iron that you can eat. However, although iron is very beneficial and necessary for the human body, especially for women, iron found in red meat may also increase your risk for coronary heart disease and death. So just be aware of your heme iron intake.

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    yes though not very much

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