Does recycling have any affect on our economy?



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    Yes, because while recycling may slow the colleciton rate of new materials, it also creates a variety of new jobs in the fields of recycling pickup and processing, not to mention the fact that some states have you make a deposit that you only get back if you deposit, meaning you pay for not recycling.

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    Recycling does have a positive impact on our economy. Some people make money by recycling scrap metal and soda cans, thus providing an income for them.

    By recycling we are reducing the amount of harvest and mining that must be conducted. In many cases it is cheaper to reuse products than to harvest new materials and make new products of the same type.

    Recycling has also created jobs. Instead of just dumping everything in a landfill, people are employed to collect and sort the recycling from the homes of people around America and the world.

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