Does recycling cell phones cut down on a lot of e-waste?



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    Yes. There are 4.1 billion cell phones and an average person will use it for less than a year. For every 515 cell phones recycled, the energy saved would be enough to power one average home for a year. If every thrown away cell phone would be recycled it would save enough to power 272.000 homes. 

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    Indeed it does!  Recycling phones can cut down on landfill use.  But cell phones are small, so what’s the big deal? 

    The problem comes with volume.  According to Shelton Basham, the CEO of the recycling company Full Circle Wireless, almost 350,000 wireless products and their accessories are thrown away every day.  And according to the director of the EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Energy, the energy saved by recycling one cell phone could power a laptop for 44 hours.  So the moral is: recycle your phone!

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