Does recreational fishing hurt fish populations?



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    (In Resource Economics) When you measure a fish species population, it has a naturual growth rate , lets call it variable x, which taking in a number of factors including population size, number of preditors, life cycle, ect. Then you give consider an extraction rate, call this y. As long as the initial fish’s population is large enough, and the growth rate is higher than the extracton rate, there is no reason to believe the fish wont have a sustainable population for the most part indefinately.


    Now this formula is generally used when considering large fishing companies extracting a percentage (y, the extracton rate, is a percentage of the fishs total stock (S), which equals y*(S) for any given time period. If you are just doing normal recreational fishing, then you should not at all be distrubing the fishs long term population at all (unless again the initial ammount of fish in whatever body of water your fishing in is so low that removing only a few fish would throw off its long run steady state).


    I realize that was kind of technical so if anyone wants me to clear any of that up just let me know.

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