does pretty much everything we do hurt the environment?



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    It sure seems that way doesn’t it. I do not think that everything humans do hurts the environment however. As hard as it is to find, there are many examples of good being done to the environment. Take GreenAnswers for example, they are planting trees and doing their business electronically, so they are not using any paper. Even though it seems that all people do is take from the environment, there are many ways in which we are giving back. 

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    I tend to think of humans as part of the environment and therefore consuming resources is not always a bad thing, just like eating fruit helps to spread the seeds of a plant.  However, once we become aware that a particular practice causes more detriment to our surroundings than benefit, I feel we are responsible to try to change our behaviors, especially when changing is in the best interest of our own survival.  I do see many people changing their ways to drive less or be more sustainable, and they will in turn raise the next generation to be even more environmentally aware.  Humans can interact with their environment in a positive way, such as organic farming or habitat reconstruction, but we definitely need a united effort to make the positive outweigh the negative. 

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    This question made me want to cry, then made me want to write a book, then made me want to start a fight … in that order. 

    This is a very legitimate question, and I understand your point – our involvement is killing off animal species faster than ever, we’re polluting the air and the water to ridiculous extent, we’re mowing down forests and tramping grasslands faster than they can recover.  The only saving grace I can think of is our role in the food chain – we are consumers, we eat producers and other consumers and provide the materials that decomposers need to recycle for producer’s food.  That’s all I got.

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    The better question for this subject: Does pretty much everything we do impact the environment? And the answer to that would be…of course. Standing in place doing nothing, your body is exfoliating skin cells and your respiration…carbon dioxide. And in all of our glorious fegundity the human race can have a negative impact on the environment, regardless of our political associations or personal inclinations towards living the natural life. Even the native americans back in the day, played havoc on their natural environment. And one of lifes interesting tidbits of inane trivia–99.9% of all species to have every existed..are extinct.

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