Does president Bush still have any impact on the environment?



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    If he does it is likely to be a negative one. Robert F. Kennedy was quoted to say “George W Bush will go down to be the worst environmtal president in US history”. This is likely because when Bush was president, he wrote many environmental laws that favored the industry rather than for the well being of nature.

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    The effects of George W. Bush’s administration on the environment can still be seen today and will be for years. For instance, Bush took many species off the endangered species list, some of which have gone extinct. Bush was not a steward of the environment and appointed industry leaders to positions in the EPA. 

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    He may have some behind the scenes involvement. Base your opinion on the actions you witnessed while he was in office.

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    I agree with the statements above, and think that tinkerbell has something going — Bush may have had some things (or may still have some things) going behind the scenes — but while he was in office he didn’t do anything to help the environment.  Quite to the contrary.  So, his lack of doing things and/or his favoring of industry over environment will, no doubt, have a lasting effect.

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