Does poverty hurt the environment?



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    Poverty can indeed hurt the environment for many reasons. To start, imagine a poor neighborhood that is run down due to poverty. The lack of financial resources might not allow for people to care for their homes and yards. Not only does this look unfortunate, but it also takes away from what could have been a flourishing garden, or growing trees in the front yard. This also prevents more CO2 from being taken care of by the plants’ process of photosynthesis. Additionally, poverty limits people’s options. As of right now, many of the energy efficient products and appliances are more expensive in the beginning. People living in poverty do not have the money up front to invest in these items, even though it will save money in the long run. Those are just a few ways that the environment is affected by poverty.

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    Not necessarily. Poverty can actually be quite sustainable provided it is severe enough. I’m not suggesting that we should all live in severe poverty, but the poor shouldn’t be blamed for harming the environment inherently.

    I’m thinking in the global sense though. Not the run down urban family, but more third world.

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    Whether or not poverty hurts the environment depends on the context of the poverty. If the poverty is set against the backdrop of consumerism and capitalism, then I’d say yes, it is bad. Though do you know what’s worse for the environment? Affluence in the context of capitalism. Although their lawns may be nicer, wealthy people of a capitalist culture consume more energy and consumer products. I’d say that’s worse for the environment.

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