Does pollution cause a lot of deaths in America?



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    Pollution is a major contributor to health problems in people.  People from cities that have a major pollution problem are often at risk to different health problems.  However, it would be very difficult to pinpoint pollution as the only cause of death for people in these cities that include cities like Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, etc.

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    The above is very true.  I currently live in Los Angeles and I know about the health effects of pollution.  in particular  air pollution. Los Angeles has very high asthma rates, and there have been many studies done on adults and children alike.  It has become a common consensus that this is due in large part to the smoggy, polluted LA air.  The below link can probably tell you anything you would want to know about LA and asthma. 

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    In America, not particularly. Only about four percent of deaths in the States are due to complications from air pollution.  That said, the leading cause of death in the states is heart disease, not anything related to pollution.  However, among countries where healthcare is not as advanced, millions of people die from polluted water and malnutrition.  People in less developed countries are crammed into dirty, polluted cities with inadequate sanitation from a number of different pollutants.  Because medical aid is not as available or advanced, these causes cause many more deaths.  

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