Does pollution cause any birth defects?



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    Certain scientists claim that there is a link between pollution and birth defects. Chinese scientists reveal a doubling in the rate of birth defects which mirrors the rise in pollution levels. 3 to 5 percent of the world’s babies suffer from birth defects. However, in China (the global leader in air pollution) the percentage is 4 to 6 percent.

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    Air pollution or high levels of ozone and carbon monoxide pollution can be a cause of heart defects in unborn babies. “The greater a woman’s exposure to one of these two pollutants in the critical second month of pregnancy, the greater the chance that her child would have one of these serious cardiac birth defects.” Studies have also shown that exposure to air pollution can put unborn babies at risk for certain defects such as SGA (small for gestational age), which means that the babies are born underdeveloped and unusually small.

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