Does the police have any green vehicles?



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    In many cities, the local police force is just beginning to shift away from buying new gas hogs. Seattle has about 38 hybrid vehicles, although most are hybrid SUV’s. 80% of the countries police force is still using Crown Victorias, which get about 14 mpg.

    The motivation for using hybrids is purely economical though, police forces are merely trying to cut costs.

    It seems the greenest police vehicle is still the bike.

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    It appears that there are many police departments that are starting to use green vehicles, especially hybrid cars. In Seattle, officials came up with the Environmental Management Plan in 1999 which included adopting the use of hybrid vehicles. In 2008, the Honolulu Police Department started a pilot program to test seven hybrid cars as a possibility for their officers. In Aspen, after a two-month test period in 2008, the police chief announced the Aspen Police Department would be replacing some of their Volvo cruisers with Toyota Highlander hybrids over the next five months. These are just a few examples of police departments switching to hybrid cars; there were quite a few other examples I came across in my research.

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    In New York police officers now use Altima hybrids. Before they had used the Chevrolet Impala, but replaced all forty squad cars with the new Altima hybrid.

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