Does the polar bear have a layer of blubber?



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    Yes, polar bears do have a layer of blubber to help them keep warm and float in the water. It can be 2 to 4 inches thick and also provides nutrients if the bear can’t find food. In addition to the blubber, polar bears have thick fur that sticks together when it gets wet, acting like a waterproof barrier over top of the blubber to help them keep warm and dry.

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    Polar Bears have a layer of blubber that can be up to 4.3in thick to keep them warm while swimming in cold water. This blubber is maintained by a high-fat diet of other blubbered animals, like seals. A thick hide, and dense layer of short fur topped with a second layer of longer guard hairs also helps the polar bear keep warm.

    Polar bears are even known to overheat fairly often. They are known to swim to cool off on warmer days or after physical activity.

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