Does plastic cause cancer?



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    Warnings about plastic causing cancer from microwaving foods, freezing water, or drinking water that’s been sitting in the sun in plastic containers have circulated through the Internet. These reports discuss how such actions can cause carcinogenic chemicals, like dioxin, to leach out into the food or water and damage our bodies. Here is one such report.

    However, the Harvard Medical School stated that the FDA is aware of such possibilities, which is why there are stringent testing requirements that any plastic it approves for contact with food must go through. The school also advised to check for plastics that are microwave safe. It stated that cream cheese and butter tubs, water bottles, and takeout containers are not typically microwave safe, and that plastic wraps should not touch foods during microwaving.

    Other reports about the toxin bisophenol A (BPA), which is used in the synthesis of various plastic containers, state that it’s linked to prostate cancer.

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    There are dioxins in things that you really wouldn’t expect-like women’s cosmetics. It’s important for you to research what it is in your skin and hair care in order to better protect yourself. One way to protect yourself against these harmful chemicals is to go organic whenever possible. Organic cosmetics and makeup often cost the same amount and won’t pollute your body with things that it doesn’t need and can’t use.

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