Does planting hot peppers in the same pots with tomatoes keep the bugs away?

Last year I planted two habenero pepper plants in a pot with one cherry tomato plant and the tomatoes did not get eaten by anything and ripened perfectly. Is this a coincidence or do the hot pepper plants naturally deter bugs?



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    It’s probably not a coincidence, because insects do not go near hot peppers. Usually, a natural pesticide is to sprinkle crushed up hot peppers on your plants or coating the plants with pepper juice or pepper seeds and water. 

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    I tried that and it didn’t work too well for me.  the bunnies ate up stuff before they could even grow.  Same with the marigolds.  We tried planting Marigolds near our plants because it is supposed to keep pests away.  However, those just got eaten up too. 

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    Here is an article on companion planting.  It will tell you what sorts of plants you can use to naturally repel pests or stop other fungal problems etc. 

    Under the hot pepper section it states that the roots emit a chemical that stops root rot, and they like to be planted next to things like tomato to avoid being burnt from the hot sun.  It didn’t say anything about repelling pests.

    They also state that planting basil near tomato will help repel flies and mosquitos and may even improve the taste. 

    But as chromium100 says, we used crushed cayenne pepper on our plants to help keep pests away, so there may be some truth to your observation.

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