Does a plant need to be watered to survive or can it live off the moisture in the air?



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    A plant absolutely needs water to survive.  There are no plants in existence that can survive merely on the moisture in the air.

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    Epiphytes are plants that absorb water from the air rather than from soil. Some examples are Spanish Moss, Staghorn Fern, and Orchids. If you’ve ever grown an Orchid before- a beautiful tropical flower- you know that the watering method involves spraying the plant with water from a spray bottle. if an orchid is planted in soil, it will die! Many types of mosses cling to a host, such as a rock, and absorb their nutrients and moisture from the air. Spanish Moss, for instance, has cup-like scales to absorb moisture, allowing it to survive in long periods of dry weather.

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    While all plants require water for survival, the needs of individual plants vary greatly. The type of plant described in your question is known as an epiphytic plant, meaning the plant does not have a traditional root system and can absorb moisture directly from the air.  Epiphytic plants often grow on top of other plants and structures in order to have better access to light.  Some common epiphytes are Spanish moss, ferns, and orchids. 

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