Does a person need to drink water or can they absorb water through their skin?



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    You can absorb more water through your skin in a shower than in an eight ounce glass of water. Unfortunately the water in the shower is not as filtered and may contain chlorine which can cause some serious problems. This can also aggravate existing conditions, particularly sinus problems. All in all ten minutes of shower time can make the body absorb 8 glasses of water, especially if it is a hot shower which opens the pores more.

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    Like Rigibson points out, the idea that a person can maintain hydration by showering instead of drinking water is pretty ill informed. What purpose would the skin serve if it did not protect our inner-organs from over saturation of water, rain, and anything else in our external environment? The only way for water to hydrate our cells is for us to drink it through our mouths.

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    To add on, the average number of days of a person can go without water is 10 days. 

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