Does perfume pollute?



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    Yes it does. Most perfumes contain a substance called phthalates, which are present in many household products such as dryer sheets and shampoos. Phthalates stick onto household surfaces, which makes it worse for the indoor air quality of your home. Opening windows can help counteract the negative affects of phthalates, but it is better just to eliminate products that contain them completely.

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    Phthalates have also been linked to genital issues with baby boys and early puberty in girls.  Thankfully, many companies nowadays are reducing or removing Phthalates found in perfumes and deoderants.

    The problem is, the perfume bottle will generally not list phthalates as ingredient.  A good idea would be to research the amount of phthalates in a perfume before you buy it.

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    There are environmentally friendly perfume options as well. There are also websites that teach you how to make your own perfume at home. The top four brands for environmentally friendly perfume are Acorelle, Aveda, Body Shop, and Pacifica.

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