Does the paint from modern cars contain lead?

Are there any standards that auto paint manufacturers have to meet regarding the use of lead?



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    The use of lead paint was band in the U.S. in 1977. So any U.S. auto manufacturers would be required to comply with this regulation, post 1977.

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      This regulation does not apply to automobiles and boats, because they are not defined as consumer products under its definition, and if you read the regulation it specifically states this. Does any one have any information specifically about cars?

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      In an article published in Chemical and Engineering News in 2002, it is quoted that about 50% of the world’s auto paints still contain lead, but that there are new paint lines that are lead free. In this article, the author mentions that there are some in the automotive paint industry that want to move towards removing all trace amounts of lead from the primer layer. This information is from 2002, however, and I have not been able to find more up to date info.
      You can read the article here (

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