Does the padding in carpet store harmful chemicals?



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    Many are made with harmful chemicals to begin with. “Adhesives 4-PC (4-phenylcyclohexene) and many chemicals such as Styrene come from SB latex backing and create the fumes associated with regular new carpets. These cause headaches, runny eyes and nose and odors persist for months and years. After an EPA headquarters incident when hundreds of employees became ill of sick building syndrome, the chemical companies supplying SB latex to the carpet industry coordinated tests to appease the public.  Vinyl-backed carpet tiles were tested.  They emitted a distinct chemical odor, such as vinyl acetate and formaldehyde. The CPSC study did not find any negative health could result from this, but people breathing the fumes did.” To read more check out the 1st link.

    The second link shows common chemicals pads are made out of and their risk factor in a really nice graph. 

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