Does the pacific north west have a lot of solar power?



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    The Pacific Northwest, like the rest of the country, is trying to build up its renewable energy industry. Several organizations exist in order to achieve this goal.

    The Northwest Solar Center is a combination of Washington State University and Shoreline Community College, and attempts to educate the public about solar energy while campaigning via legislation and market strategies to break through to the mainstream with solar energy in their region.

    The Seattle Business Journal recently ran an article on a WSU professor, Mike Nelson, who dispelled rumors that because of the heavy forests and cloud-coverage in the Pacific Northwest, solar power is not a great idea; simply because, there’s not a lot of sun. However, Nelson claims all you need is “light,” which they get plenty of (outside of winter).

    Like most places, solar power in the PNW is a continuing, developing concept with a lot of support.

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