Does over fishing affect species that are not even caught?



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    Overfishing of a particular species of fish has repercussions across the food chain. For example, herring are overfished, and as a result, cod populations suffer, since cod rely heavily on herring as prey. Overfishing is very dangerous in that it disrupts the balance of the ocean’s eco system at large.

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    Yes, and the effects are not limited to animal species.  For example, the demand for shrimp has risen sharply, and many coastal tropical communities have cut down mangrove forests to implement shrimp farms to feed the supply.  The mangroves shelter wild fish and shrimp, protect the coast from storms, and filter water.  Additionally, members of those communities who wanted to continue small, sustainable fishing for shrimp are unable to do so because the farms generate waste which gets into the fresh supply.

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