Does our government give money to companies that work towards sustainability?



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    The government has given funds to the agricultural industry to help with finding sustainable methods.  These funds are used in organic farming, pest control, clean water supplies, and marketing.  The agricultural industry emits large amounts of CO2, and by funding programs to work towards sustainability, hopefully the government can find a way to reduce emissions as well.

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    The government does grant funding for sustainable methods but it is difficult to encourage or enforce. Farmers only get a portion of the money they would need to make changes. It is much cheaper and easier for a company just starting out then for an existing company. Also, companies are not required to improve their business in a sustainable way until its needed. For an example, factories are required to change air filters in their pipes to improve air quality, but its not required until they need to replace these filters. The same is required for the trucking industry and their pollution. 

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