Does our diet have a lot to do with how sustainable we are?



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    A person’s diet has a lot to do with her carbon footprint. For example, eating locally grown produce that wasn’t shipped thousands of miles cuts down on emissions. Eating organic reduces the pesticides used. Some people chose to avoid all animal products, because they require more energy to produce. To help a cow grow to adulthood it must be fed of course and this is a huge use of resources.

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    Yes, our diet has a lot to do with how sustainable we are as a planet. A vegetarian or vegan diet puts much less stress on the earth’s resources. If less people eat meat, less animals would have to die, and less grain would have to be used to feed them. Also, if more people forcefully opted for organic foods, thus making them more mainstream, less stress would be put on the earth.

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    Yes.  Eating local foods significantly reduces the impact you have on the environment.  Also, not eating factory farmed meats (cow, chicken, pig, turkey, etc.) greatly increases your own personal sustainability.  You aren’t supporting the unfair treatment of animals, the use of pesticides and the use of fertilizers among many other things.  One’s diet can have a large impact on the environment.  

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