does our diet have anything to do with getting cancer?



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    There are many factors that influence a person’s suceptibility to cancer, but diet is certainly one of them.  Diet may contribute to as much as 35% of deaths due to cancer occurring in the US, and certain foods can increase or decrease your risk of getting the disease.  In general, it seems that high-fat diets are more likely to contribute to cancer, while eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and fiber decreases the risk of developing cancer.  The contamination of food and water with certain chemicals can also contribute to cancer, which is why eating organic foods grown without pesticides is another good way to reduce your risk.  Many chemicals commonly used in industry and agriculture are known cancer-causing agents, so protecting yourself from contamination is an important way to avoid many types of cancer.

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    The American Cancer Society believes that diet can be a contributing factor towards cancer, but a proper and carefully monitored diet can be a huge factor in preventing cancer. They recommend a varied diet that consists of high amounts of fiber and low amounts of fat, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. They also stress the importance of controlling weight with caloric intake, as obesity has been seen to increase the risk of cancer. Another important thing to consider in relation to cancer is the benefit of vitamins from the food we eat. Antioxidants have been getting a lot of press lately, but it turns out they are more than just a fad: they are believed to help stop damage to DNA, or help fix already damaged DNA. Vitamins A, C, and E have been found to have antioxidant properties. Other vitamins have also been shown to be beneficial as well; for example, it is believed that vitamin A helps restore cells back to normal that are in the process of becoming malignant. It turns out diet can have a strong effect on cancer development in our bodies, so it is important to use the beneficial food to your advantage.

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