Does our body need sugar?



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    In short, yes our body needs sugar. However, there are many kinds of sugar that can be attained from many different sources, so more “healthy” choices could be made when it comes down to sugar. The reason why people use sugar substitutes is because they don’t usually want the calories but they don’t want to sacrifice flavor. For instance, our bodies rely on glucose, a very simple form of sugar, to convert to glycogen to keep our brains fully functional.

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    Our bodies use forms of sugar internally as an energy. But we don’t need to eat sugar to survive and be healthy. We can eat carbohydrates (found in foods like bread, potatoes and pasta), which are complex molecules our bodies break down into sugars internally. But of course carbohydrates don’t taste sweet. 

    For a fun trick, if you chew break long enough, the enzymes in your own mouth will break down the carbohydrate in the break, and it will start tasting sweet. But it takes a LONG time.

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