Does our body break down organic foods easier than non organic ones?



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    There is no scientific evidence that suggests our bodies break down organic foods easier. The ease with which our bodies break down foods is dependent on what kind of food it is, whether it is simple carbohydrates and sugars, complex carbohydrates or fibers (which our bodies dont really break down like other materials…). In other words, there is no evidence that our body, for example, breaks down organic milk faster than just “regular” milk.

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    Although you would digest organic food and non-organic food inthe same manner, the issue is more about what your body does with genetically modified foods, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, fertilyzers and other chemicals when you consume them.  It is similar to the question about nutrients in organic and non-organic foods – they both provide nutrients – vitamins and minerals – but one does it without the chemical additions.

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