Does organic farming protect the environment?



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    Absolutely! Pesticides are very harmful for the environment much farther than the immediate area. They seep into the soil, get in the water system, animals consume material that has chemicals in it… Organic farming protects by lacking harmful chemicals.

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    Pesticides are infiltrating water systems and creating numerous dead zones through out the world.  As organic farming uses growing practices without pesticides, those dead zones can hopefully be halted.  Definitely a part of protecting the world!

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    Organic farming is also beneficial to the soil the crops are grown in.  Since organic farming forgoes the use of artificial fertilizers, many organic farmers utilize crop rotation, allowing fields to lie fallow once every few growing seasons or planting a crop such as clover that replenishes the nitrogen content in the soil.  This keeps the soil nutrient rich and productive without the harmful effects of using nitrate heavy fertilizers that can contaminate water supplies and eventually drain the soil of its usefulness.

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