Does Oregon rain more than any other state?



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    Actually, Louisiana is the rainiest state in the U.S.  Then Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina.  Oregon is pretty far down the list surprisingly at 25th.

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    I found some information that says Hawai’i is actually the wettest state in the U.S. with 63.70 inches per year.  Louisiana is a close second at 60.09 inches per year.

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    Oregon gets the repuation as a rainy state for good reason – the highly populated portions of the state (Portland and other western cities such as Salem, Eugene, etc.) are all west of the Cascade mountain range, trapped between the Pacific and the mountains. This portion of the state is extremely rainy, and is a temperate rain forest climate. On the other side of the Cascades, however, things get a lot more dry. See the map at the link.

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    I would also like to note, as a native Oregonian, that Oregon partially gets this super-rainy reputation from how cloudy it is for most of the year. Hawaii and the southeastern mainland get huge, massive storms (sometimes daily, depending on the season), but then things clear up rapidly and it’s back to blue skies. Oregon stays grey for a long time, although not all of these days are rainy, or there is just intermittent rain throughout the day that could not compare to the flash downpours in other states.

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