Does the orange peel hold the most nutrients?



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    Yes, most of the nutrients provided by an orange reside in the colored peel and the white pith.  When orange juice is fresh squeezed, only 25% of the nutrients end up in your glass.  This is why the peel has more flavor and is more aromatic.  It may not be realistic to your taste buds to eat the peel straight, but there are many recipes that utilize the peel for its flavor and nutrients.

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    Yes, the most nutrients are in the orange peel, however it does depend on how and where the orange was grown.  Many things contribute to the overall vitamin and mineral content of the foods we eat, such as soil, sunlight and water.  The better the growing conditions, the more value the food offers.  So next time you have an orange – wash it well and enjoy the peel as well as the inside!

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