Does online radio stations have a smaller footprint than regular radio stations?



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    Perhaps, because an online radio station does not require station offices to be open and operating, they can be operated remotely, and workers do not have to travel to offices. Also, the amount of equipment is minimized. It can be argued that these online stations are using incredible amounts of server power, which usually are powerd by fossil fuels. But the power used by an online radio station’s servers is likely much less than all the power needed for a physical radio station. Also, at the user end of things, a listener is likely to listen to online radio while they are already using their computer for something else, whereas regular radio requires power for a seperate machine.

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    I would say yes. I am a volunteer radio DJ, and it’s my experience that the majority of people who listen to the radio the old-fashioned way are listening in their cars. (Some other listen while at work.) The innovation of being able to stream a radio station online is great – not only does it not require and energy-consuming radio tower, but people aren’t likely to listen in their cars, but rather from their homes.

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