Does one of the large wind turbines in a wind farm produce enough energy to power 1 home?



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    The amount of energy produced by wind turbines depends on the size of the turbine and wind speed.  One formula to measure annual output is (KWH/year)=0.01328(D^2)(V^3).  D^2 represent the blade diameter and V^3 represents wind velocity.  Based off this formula, a 10 foot diameter wind turbine with 12 mph average wind speed will produce an average of 2300 KWH/year.

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    Yes, it will.

    The large turbines in a Wind Farm often are rated to produce between 1.5-3.0 Megawatts of power. Winds will vary, but for an average 1MW output one turbine can generate 720000 kwh in a month (1000 kwh * 24 hours/per day * 30 days a month).

    Even a large usage homes would only be using in the neighborhood of 2000 kwh per month.  Many homes use much less than that.

    The 720000 kwh generated / 2000 kwh per home means it is capable of providing for 360 homes each month. Better winds and lower consumption will make that number grow.


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