Does one big-box store like Target or Sam’s Club use more or less energy than a series of smaller stores?



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    I would say it depends on what you’re limiting the energy to. If it’s just the stores usage and you aren’t considering the product inside, then a big box retail store would probably be about the same vs a series of small stores equal in volume. However if you consider overall efficiency, places like Sam’s Club, BJ’s and Costco would overall be a little more efficent than a store like Target, though probably not as efficient as a local “mom and pop” store. Places like Wal-Mart which advertise that they’re offering a greener lifestyle, still ship in tons of stuff overseas and go through tons of waste providing plastic bags. Wholesale stores, use less packaging, and very rarely offer plastic bags. Local stores are presumably produced locally, cutting costs in shipping and materials are sometimes local as well.

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