Does this oil spill hurt the reputation of BP forever?



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    Yes it definitely hurts the reputation of BP forever, or at least until everyone living through it is dead and forgets BP’s problem (assuming that they survive the aftermath).  BP knew that there was a chance of the explosion occuring, yet they did nothing about it.  They sort of ignored the spill directly afterward, hoping that it would stop itself or that an easy solution would come.  Now, with all of the people in the Gulf Coast hurting both physically and financially, they are offering claims support to help them.  However, they are putting out commercials for PR purposes rather than using that money to help the people.  The claims that are coming to them are getting handled slowly, and these people are hurting now.  I don’t think that BP will be treated with praise in the near future unless something drastic happens right away.

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    Yes, I think the oil spill has damaged the reputation of BP. It is unfortunate because BP was active in seeking alternative energy sources, like wind and solar, and they offered grants for people working on environmental conservation projects.

    The length of time that has passed with no stopage to the oil leak is making matters much worse. Animals and plants are dying and people are out of work. Money being compensated for these people is not enough to replace what they have lost and efforts to save wildlife is coming primarily from outside sources.

    BP must make some major efforts to repair their reputation (once they actually fix the problem) by leading major clean-up efforts (like the CEO out there saving birds) and offering education and grants for conservation and environmental awareness. Even still, people will remember this diaster for a very long time.


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    In my mind, and in the minds of many others, the horrific oil spill in the Gulf has ruined BP’s reputation.  There was so much cover up, unaccountability, and apathy on the part of BP executives that it will be very hard for them to be successful in the future.  One BP exec was trying to apologize and said that he cares about the “little people.”  This is infuriating — people who own small businesses should not be talked down to like that or thought of as inferior.  BP has done irreparable damage to their reputation.  

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