Does ocean acidification cause dead zones?



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    Ocean acidification does not cause dead zones in the ocean, it is the gradual increase of the PH of the ocean due to it absorbing CO2 which is present more now than in recent history. Dead zones are happening in areas of the oceans where large river mouths once fed a lot of water into the sea. Because of human’s use of water there is much less going into the ocean, so the fresh oxygen rich water is not being added to the system. Then there is too much life in these places which eventually leads to all of the oxygen being used up, creating an area where no life can live, forming dead zones. Check out the links below for more information. 

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    Dead zones in the ocean (such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi) also result from heavy algal blooms that are caused by nitrate rich waters flowing into the ocean.  The nitrate rich waters come from industrial farm runoff (such as hosing down cattle feedlots or allowing runoff from fertilized crops to enter riparian pathways).  Algae feed on these nitrates, bloom, then die off, using up all the oxygen in the water and then producing an anaerobic environment as they decay, producing a dead zone.

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