Does Obama have an environmental advisor?



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    Nancy Sutley is the chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and is currently Obama’s top environmental adivser. She has replaced Carol Browner, who was Obama’s top environmental adivser until she resigned in January 2011.

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    Nancy Sutley is the chair of the Council on Environmenal Quality, and she serves as Obama’s chief Environmental advisor. Previously, she worked as a member of the California State Water Resources Control Board and also as the deputy mayor for energy and environment in LA. She got her B.A. in Government at Cornell and her M.A. in Public Policy at Harvard. On the Council’s website, Nancy Sutley states the goals of the Council: “Our focus is to ensure that there is a strong science and policy basis for our environmental policy, to move the nation to greater reliance on clean energy and increase energy security, to combat global warming while growing the green economy, to protect public health and the environment, especially in vulnerable communities, and to protect and restore our great ecosystems.” You can learn more about the council here:

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