Does NY city have a water recycling facility?



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    Yes, New York has one of the best water recycling program–a $29 billion market. Matter of fact, NY’s tap water is world-renowned for it’s quality. It’s quality is so great that there is an actual company that bottles and sells NY tap water called Tap’dNY.

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    Yes, NY has a system of 13 wastewater treatment facilities that serve the city. The Newtown Creek plant has the largest treatment capacity at 310 million gallons a day (MGD). The smallest capacity on the list is 39.9 MGD from the Oakwood Beach facility. According to this page, the North River plant is the “first and only Wastewater Treatment Plant in NYC to have a public park built on top.” In wastewater treatment plants (WTPs), reclaimed water is released back into a natural water system and you can find more details about each plants’ particular drainage point at the link I provided.

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