Does nuclear energy produce a lot of pollution?



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    Especially compared to other sources of energy, nuclear power is very clean.

    Nuclear energy does not produce greenhouse gasses, like carbon dioxide. Around 73% of all carbon-free electricity in America is created by nuclear power plants.

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    Nuclear power generation currently causes a lot of pollution just in different ways than fossil fuels. There is of course nuclear waste which we have yet to find a solution for dealing with. It has created and still has the potential to cause huge havoc on the environment. Also heat from nuclear plants if not correctly dealt with can have detrimental effects on ecosystems. Nuclear power generation has the potential to be very clean if we can figure out a sustainable way to deal with nuclear waste.

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    Uranium for nuclear power generation is mined like any other ore; and the US imports 85% of its uranium.

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    Not really…. Just in a different way… Nuclear energy only does so when released into the earth… it has radio active effects on the earth and cannot be disposed of and the uranium can be dangerous since terrorists also use it to make bombs… So if they broke in a contaiment area for the nuclear energy, they could use the uranium from it… It has many Pros and cons so if you wanna know more just tipe in Pros and cons to nuclkear energy. 🙂

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