Does NPR have any environmental shows?



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    NPR currently distributes three categories of programs. These categories include News, Arts & Life, and Music. None of the 27 programs are specifically geared toward environmental issues, although several of them (typically the news programs) often pick up on environmentally based topics. There is an environmental science NPR podcast that offers selections from Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and other programs.

    A full listing of NPR and Public Radio programs can be found on the NPR website

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    In addition to the podcast there are articles under ‘environment’ on their website!

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    Local NPR stations broadcast different programs.  My local station has two environmental programs:  Stardate and Living on Earth.  In addition, Morning Edition and All Things Considered often have environmentally themed news stories.

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    Science Friday with Ira Flatow covers a wide variety of scientific topics, but often focuses on environmental issues, especially current news and updates. It airs from 2 to 4pm Eastern time and is part of the larger “Talk of the Nation” program. On the program they have a central topic that is discussed by Flatow and a panel of experts, and listeners are able to call in with questions and comments on the topic. The bottom link below has a list of stations that broadcast Science Friday, or you can download archived episodes for listening.

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    I second the recommendation for Science Friday, I often listen to it in the car and really enjoy it. If you aren’t able to catch it on the radio, the NPR site has the shows available to download as  free podcasts (see link below). Just as an aside, there are loads of environmental podcasts available for free  – I’m a fan of the Discovery Channel and BBC Science podcasts myself. You can often download them from your media console (I use iTunes) or either from the respective websites.

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