Does North America pay more for energy than Europe?



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         North Americans usually pay less than Europeans for electricity, but prices can vary widely. The average price per kilowatt hour in the U.S. is US$0.0928, in Mexico it’s US$0.106 per kwh, and in Canada, US$0.062 per kwh. 

        In Europe prices are usually higher but it depends on the country: Finns pays US$0.0695 per kwh and Danes pays $0.4289. 

    European energy prices by country (in euros):

    American electricity prices by state:

    Electricity prices in major North American cities (in Canadian dollars):

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    Gasoline is also more expensive in Europe than it is in the U.S., primarily because they have higher gas taxes than the U.S. does.

    Keep in mind that the following numbers are for 2005, but in that year gas cost the following per gallon in U.S. dollars:

    Germany: $5.57

    France: $5,54


    Norway: $6.27

    See the following link for more examples of gas prices throughout Europe.

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