Does NIMBYism only apply to land?



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    NIMBYism or the idea of “Not in my backyard” can apply to anywhere, though the concept is usually applied to land because it is more concrete. However, people still object to wind turbines, oil drilling and other offshore activities when it is close to their home. It would be difficult to apply this concept to open water because it’s not really someone’s immediate backyard, but people are more likely to object to environmentally detrimental or undesirable activities anywhere in their immediate vicinity, whether that activity be on land or in nearby ocean, lakes or rivers.

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    It applies to anywhere near where people, live, work, or play.

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    In the less literal sense, it can also be used for things that threaten to encroach on a community in an intangible way. You might say that big brother-esque spy monitoring is necessary, for example, but not want it to be applied to yourself. As chewbear basically stated, it’s about a hypocritical decision to agree that something is necessary and simultaneously not want it interfering in your life- and that doesn’t necessarily need to occupy physical space.

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