Does Nike make a completely biodegradable shoe?



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    Nike did produce a 100% recyclable shoe that is no longer available.  I was unable to find one that is biodegradable.  I did find some running shoes from Brooks that claim to have biodegradable components.  However, I was not able to see what the shoes are made of to justify these claims.

    Keep in mind biodegradable is a word that is being thrown around a lot recently and it has a lot of people confused.  Biodegradable applies to natural plant materials, some plant based plastics and not much else.  Everything *eventually* will breakdown (bio-degrade) but how long does it take?  And will these materials become soil?  Or will they just become smaller pieces of plastic, rubber, metal, etc?  Keep these questions in mind when you are looking for natural and biodegradable products.

    There are a whole bunch of companies that recycle old running shoes, check them out in the link below.

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