Does Nike have an eco shoe line?



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    Nike hasn’t developed a whole line of eco-friendly shoes just yet, but they have begun making a few different eco-friendly shoes.  The Air JordanXX3, the N7, the Pegasus, and the Huarache all meet Nike’s “sustainability guidelines”.  So far the most environmentally friendly shoe I have seen them produce is the Trash Talk (the Steve Nash shoe).

    1. The upper is pieced together from leather and synthetic leather waste from the factory floor using zig-zag stitching.

    2. The mid-sole uses scrap-ground foam from factory production.

    3. The outsole uses environmentally-preferred rubber that reduces toxics and incorporates Nike Grind material from footwear-outsole manufacturing waste.

    4. The Phoenix Suns’ colorways will have shoe laces and sockliners that use “environmentally preferred” (we’re not clear what that means) materials, and will be packaged in a fully recycled cardboard shoe box.

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    The “environmentally preferred” materials in the answer above refer to materials that have been determined to have considerably less impact on the environment by Nike’s Considered Design initiative. The materials are judged by their chemical makeup, the amount of energy and carbon dioxide required to produce it, the amount of physical waste a product produces, and the amount of water used to make them. Under the Considered Design Initiative, Nike aims to take the whole life cycle of a shoe into account when designing it and selecting the materials. Although Nike doesn’t have any specific green shoe line, it is clearly taking steps to improve the environmental impact of its shoes. 

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