Does Nike donate any money to help the environment?



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    Nike’s most recent corporate responsibility report does not outline any donations to pro-environment causes, but it does not mean they aren’t working to reduce their environmental impact.  In the production of their shoes, they’re aiming to use the least amount of resources and materials.  Additionally, Nike, with the help of various international non-profit organizations, developed North Star, which is Nike’s vision of sustainability.  The pillars of North Star are:

    • Climate Stability
    • Healthy Chemistry
    • Water Stewardship
    • Closing the Loop
    • Thriving Communities
    • Game Changers (education)
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    Like many companies, Nike green-washes itself to make itself more appealing to consumers. What they won’t tell you on their website is that most of their products are made in sweatshops where their workers suffer under horrible conditions. If you are interested in buying shoes from an ethical company, I recommend No Sweat shoes. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in stores. Earth Shoes are also good. I have a pair of Earth Shoes and I love them! All of their shoes have a negative heel. It feels funny at first, but after you get used to it, it feels really good!

    Here is a thorough report on Nike:

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