Does New Mexico have any laws that help residents put solar panels on their houses?



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    Yes they do! Their is the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit which provides a tax credit against your income taxes depending on when you install the system (it averages about 2.7 cents per kwh annually). The tax credit expires January 2018.

    Also, the solar market development tax credit provides a tax credit against your personal income taxes of 10% up to $9,000. The credit may carry forward for up to 10 years and this is set to expire in 2016.

    The El Paso Electric Company is purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs)from their New Mexico customers who install small PV systems up to 10KW. They will purchase them at a rate of .13 cents per kwh for 12 years.

    New Mexico also has a net-metering law which allows residents with solar to sell any excess electricity back to the company.

    Check the website below to see if your electricity company provides any additional incentives, if not check their website!

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