Does the new Apple iPad work as an ereader as well?



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    Yes. The iPad has an application called iBook backed by 5 major publishers (Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Hachette). You can see an example of the popular authors and titles that these publishers represent at this webiste

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    My friend has the new I Pad, and he has been telling the ibook application is horrible.  he says it takes a long time to download the books, and that the application freezes up a lot.  If you are going for an EReader, I have heard that Kindles are really good.  

    Honestly though, NEVER buy a Gen 1 anything by Apple.  They make the GEN 1’s horrible on purpose.  They know that people will flock to the store to buy them just because their new. They make them have flaws and lack things, that way next year they can come out with GEN 2 and then GEN 3 and still make hoards of profit.  Just wait until the better version arrives.  

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