Does natural eastern medicine work as good as western medicine?



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    That answer will vary depending on who you ask. The way I see it: Eastern medicine is rooted in living a healthy lifestyle, so more preventative medicine. They really push health diets, exercise, and other therapy. We can all agree that that’s a good way to stay healthy, but if I was sick I would want to go to a hospital rather than rely soley on those techniques.

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    Yes, western medicine is better for intervention methods when a disease or illness has rooted itself in your body.  Eastern medicine is a more well-rounded approach to sustaining good health.  However, western medicine is apt to prescribe medications that can do more harm than good and simply mask the problem rather than treat it.  Eastern medicine will get to the very bottom of the problem, and heal it from that point out….or at least work to improve it.  Sometimes a combination of both is efficient.  That are natural medicines that help cure….. there’s a time and place for everything.

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