Does Nader support the use of hemp?



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    Ralph Nader is for the legalization of marijuana. Nader holds a strong opinion that we should not punish non-violent drug users and waste jail space with the 50,000 who are incarcerated for using drugs. Nader also criticizes the government’s decision to inhibit farmers for industrializing hemp production. More on Nader’s marijuana stance can be found at the website in the citation field below.

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    See the citations for an article written by Nader himself on why hemp is a good thing. It’s important to distinguish hemp from marijuana, however. Hemp has far too little THC to smoke as with marijuana, so it’s not really a drug. Yet because of its association with marijuana, it is illegal to grow in the United States, which has stifled the growth of the hemp industry. Hemp can be used for many things, and by all accounts is a good plant.

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