Does In-N-out do anything eco friendly?



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    On a corporate level, In-N-Out has not publicly stated any efforts towards environmentally friendliness, outside of changing from their original disposable trays to reusable plastic trays when dining in.

    On an individual restaurant level, the Environmental Services branch of the City of Woodland, California Public Works Department has commended In-n-Out Burger for achieving a 99% solid waste diversion rate during construction of the company’s new facility in Woodland’s Gateway Shopping Center.  The In-n-Out Burger successfully diverted nearly 58 tons of construction debris for recycling and 2,425 tons of soil for reuse as fill from the waste stream sent to the Yolo County Central Landfill. Only 15 tons of construction debris from the project needed to be deposited at the landfill. 

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    Furthermore, In-n-out is renowned for its local-sourced products. The fresh vegetables, potatoes, and beef used in its products are all grown and raised locally. Freezers are not necessary and the products are prepared on the spot. Not a single microwave can be found in an In-n-Out store. 

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