Does my refrigerator use more energy if I make it colder?



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    A cooler refrigerator does take more energy for it to establish and maintain the temperature. However, the two cases you are comparing (2 different temperatures) need to be exactly the same because other factors, including how long the door is open for, can also have a significant impact on energy usage.

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    Making the fridge colder does use more energy, in the same way the freezer will use more energy to keep things frozen. It doesn’t just using energy to make the temperature colder, but also uses energy to maintain that colder temperature. The motor in the refrigerator has to work even harder to keep that temperature up now, and will systematically use up more juice. Think of a car: using the brake is probably one of the most costly things to do in terms of energy use. If you brake harder, you use more energy. If you sit idly with your foot on the brake, the car is using extra energy to keep the car from moving forward. To maintain a higher constant, more energy is needed to sustain it.

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